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    I’ve had the stuff. Tastes like dirt. And not in the way that coffee tastes like dirt … more in the way that roiboos tea tastes like grass clippings. No subtlety, no roundness to its flavor. Add enough cream and sugar, and it could be passable — but I doubt it’ll convert the Postumâ„¢ crowd.( Mmm … Postumâ„¢ … )

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    “As for germ theory, does this germ have *any* affect other than causing male homosexuality? Is there any other kind of virus with such a narrow range of symptoms?”It may. There is some evidence that gay men may be more neurotic, that they are more prone to compulsivity/impulsivity disorders, more vulnerable to emotional disturbances, but the data are hard to collect, for it’s a “touchy” subject, rife with political correctness. Read about narcolepsy. You see that it results from a very selective destruction of a small population of brain cells.

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    Brevet: While I love my Blu-ray player more than anything, I’ve yet to see a classic film (released before 1960) whose transfer warranted an upgrade to Blu-ray. What are your thoughts on my dilemma?I love Casablanca, Gone With the Wind, The Wizard of Oz & 8 1/2, but I really don’t see much difference from the recent DVD editions of these classic films (and yes, I do have a Samsung HD LCD TV)

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    Ahhh, ho capito. Intendi che questo spiega perche' e' uscito prima Neil (che era al posto di pilotaggio) di Buzz, non, almeno direttamente, perche' non ci sono foto di Neil sulla Luna. Per le foto, sto provando a chiedere in giro (VLT, STScI, etc.), ma mi pare strano che qualcuno non ci abbia gia' pensato alla NASA vista la loro enorme importanza storica. Ci sono tecniche statistiche raffinatissime (metodi bayesiani, per esempio) per la riduzione del rumore. Ma molte di queste sono gia' disponibili sul mercato consumer.

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    Yo la verdad es que no me doy la hostia por Hype por nadaaaa xD simplemente juego a lo que me gusta pero si luego no es para flipar me da igual xD ya me gustará otra cosa xDD aunque si el XIII me gustó (no tanto como otros FF pero no estaba mal) pues este si o si me va a gustar mas xD porque solamente en diseño, música y lo poco que sé de la trama me llama mas la atencion :3

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    AFJ. You know, Zoey – I think I’m going to have to re-read the older books one day soon – just to try and remember exactly what happend with stuff like that! But I’m pretty sure that Gabriel was always a little bad – I’m pretty sure he only wanted to marry Tania because of the “gift” he knew she’d get on her 16th birthday. He just got worse afterwards. I think the only person he ever really loved went by the name of Gabriel Drake.

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    Great idea to make the tribute to English literature but yeah, some of it was a little odd. But still, I liked Danny Boyle’s vision. It was all kind of magical.I’ll make sure you guys have some time this weekend. One of the reasons I wanted to get our blog up this week was so we’d have the weekend free. Hopefully nothing will come up.

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    Oh, and forgive me, for the Great Escape, another movie that I believe is similar is called something like Stalag 17 (not sure of the number, think that’s right). I believe it won Academy Awards. That would make a good list, war movies that won Academy or other awards.

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    Hi Sawsan – I’m really surprised… the idea of preparing/cooking such a thing at home (without specialised equipment or facilities) never crossed my mind at all, but what a fantastic idea! I love the sound of the mortadella especially. It looks sooo good dotted with those olives there. Thanks so much for the inspiration – I’m definitely going to give this a try at some point!

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    admit that I know very little about cooking wild game – though I am skilled at cooking duck (this fried rice recipe is pretty awesome and I make a great Duck a L’orange), all my experience has been with the

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    Opinions of the minority should be protected if they are constitutional to protect the people from the tyrany of the majority true democracy is very dangerous. I wish that people would understand that we are not a democracy but a constitutional republic with democratically elected officials.

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    My husband and I are “aficionados” of everything Cuban (music, food, culture etc.) and are anxiously awaiting the opening of your restaurant. We’ve been to the ones in Manhattan many times but are glad you’re opening here. Please let me know when that will happen. Thank you. Lyn Parker

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    Hero, I beg help me ask them again. May be the only person that can rule Nigeria is GOD Himself. I think we don’t really know what we want. We are so much in a hurry that we want the President to solve problems that have been with us even before independence in less than 2 years. Haba Nigerians!

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    , of all the possible choices I agree that Centacare is one of the least bad. But having followed the senate inquiry closely, I don’t think the concerns being raised are unfair.

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    Whoa! Had such a fun wod with the 5:30 pm peeps. Reporting a very happy 5 rounds RXed. I’m still building my MU strength and confidence. The absolute best part was every time I hit one, the whole class/gym would yell and holler yeeeeeeaaaaahhh! What an awesome place to be.

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    Kitty – thanks for the heads up!Bix – I adore the Reading Terminal, and especially that despite all the changes around it, it has stayed pretty much the same. medstudentitis- I love that every big city has a local opera company – singing with the homies….Catniptyhme – thanks!

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    I agree with above comment re: discs being sent very fast turnaround. Then simply stopped. I now have to email Lovefilm about 3 times a week. Asking them to update my list. I also receive the wrong discs from my list. Just not worth the extra disc either really.

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    This is so true. And also one that I have to remind myself as the mom of a nearly 21 year old with autism. He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. (Psalm 91:1 KJV). There are many verses that bring quiet in the midst of the storms. God is almighty, strong in battle! We are more than conquerors. Thanks for sharing. We are in this together!

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