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    pmMichelle and Linda from NY at 3:36 pm,From prior post:People are waking up to the truth: “Neither Obama nor Reid nor Pelosi is playing with a full deck anymore,” one Senator tells meI wonder if this is an open secret, all/most feel this same way? I wonder if they are getting pressure from 2 sides-citizens on one, and the people who installed them on the other?The devil looking for his due, perchance?

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    I showed this to my husband yesterday, who is never as impressed with mommy-blogs as I get, and to my disbelief he couldn’t stop talking about the four gift rule the whole way home from work.So that’s what we’ll be doing this year too ps – love your blog, it’s so original, personal, honest, without being pushy or ‘trying too hard’.Dana´s last [type] ..

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    I have sympathy for all those who are on death row and have not committed the crime they have been convicted of. It is saddening to know that in Texas you are guilty until proven innocent. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I wish that your blog had more action steps because you are a leader and not just a commentator. Thanks for all that you stand for!

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    My favorites are The Things Kids Say and the blog posts from local moms (like Steph’s ‘Trying To Be Super Mom’!). The kids make me laugh and it’s always encouraging to know that other moms know exactly what you’re going through. There’s nothing on this site I dislike. It’s designed very well; not much fluff and is totally relevant to my life as a mom in Bakersfield. One thing I’d really like to see would be something highlighting events or activities in Bakersfield that were more kid friendly.   2 likes

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    LA’s been part of my life ever since I can remember – which is kind of odd, since I’m a middle-aged Australian who has never set foot in the city. Your town never fails to fascinate me, Larry. I guess it’s the same all over the world. Keep the great stories coming.

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    Very interesting, Cloudia. I've never heard of Mr. Cox, but I enjoyed reading about him. What a wonderful man. I have to say I don't think we were raised to hate gays. Art and I have both heard of the term "mahu" but didn't think of it as anything hateful. I had a couple of good friends in high school who were gay and it was all cool. I was sad to hear that Donald eventually died of AIDS. Sighh… so sad. I didn't know when he gave me a last hug when we visited that he only had a few months left.

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