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    Totally agree about the battlefield maps. Been thinking about those myself. But I wonder if there isn’t some way to develop some standards for such data? Putting together the data for these would be a lot of work, so some standards would be helpful. Like GPX, but with additional data troops, artillery, etc. Any thoughts, anyone?

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    Hi Sassy,I too, have travelled down a similar road with mine. We are trying again for both of us are in a much better place. Isn’t it nice to have second chances? Once u feel more secure, it changes everything. This site is invaluable and serves as an excellent resource!Lynne

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    Hey Missy,I know this is probably late, but do you have any of the McKinney time slots still open? Or would you be willing to do another one near that day/location? Brian and I haven’t had any good photos done since our wedding 2 1/2 years ago. Let me know! (And they wouldn’t be for anything special like Christmas cards or anything, so the time frame is flexible.)Lemme know! (gabby at nonchalant.nu)

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    Letting go of the reins when one is fearful that things will not go the way they want, is difficult to say the least. But it appears that this is exactly what we should do – have confidence that things will work out in spite of our best efforts. Not always easy and the older we get, the harder it is to let go.

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    Definitely agreeing with #3! I’ve been a red-lipstick girl for oh-so-many years – love every form – gloss, matte… Thank you for all the NEW reds you have introduced to me! Merry Christmas! (another excuse to wear red!)

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    I agree with your point about Friedman wanting to be seen as a centrist…but you’ve demonstrated that even taking a “centrist” approach is so far to the right of the aisle these days that it is essentially meaningless. It seems that eliminating the deficit must include both increases in revenue, and decreases in spending, and that we have to ask ourselves the question what do we cut and from where do we get the additional revenue. If you understand the safety net programs, the abundance of spending in the tax code, and the basic inequality in the Country I’m not sure how one can advocate for $4 in cuts for every $1 in revenue.

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    Wow your son is quite talented, and he is smart enough to create that Star Wars Lego. I wanted to believe that the attention you and your wife give to your child contributed so much to his talent because in doing so, he felt appreciated and therefore his potentials are very well developed… Congrats to your son for a job well done and for making it to your weekly photo challenge entry – create! Stay blessed my friend!

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    Love it. I had a very fancy nursing bra with matching g strings. I was just thinking about it yesterday and how I should not have given it away. All my regular ones are too small… I have my polo shirts color organized too. And my husband has the concert shirts and is the same age. Actually apart from the halloween costumes we are identical twins.

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    There’s Gregory Maguire’s “Wicked” which tells the story of the Wizard of Oz from the Wicked Witch’s perspective. . .and spawned a marvellous musical of its own. (Do you suppose that in 50 years someone will write the story of Harry Potter from Draco’s POV, or perhaps Hagrid’s?)

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    Hi Michele! I finally got a chance to go to your blog and I love it! You are so talented. It was awesome to get together after such a long time being apart. I can’t wait to meet your little baby in your in belly! Thank you for bringing joy or faces when we saw what beautiful pictures you captured. Hands down these are the best photos of my kids I have ever seen!

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    Yeah, except that I’ve recently found out that the outposts were authorized in the 80s and 90s and all that’s happened “retroactively” for two of them is the fixing of a paperwork snafu and other technical issues.

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    This is a truly inspiring story, especially considering that many able-bodied adults would not be able to accomplish half of what Bonner Paddock has done despite his disability. People born with conditions like cerebral palsy face constant hardships and obstacles from day one. We congratulate Paddock on his many victories, and hope that people with cerebral palsy gain inspiration from his feats.

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    I wanted to let you know I made the granola. it’s a big hit around here! I plan to make the cake when we have people over to share. I don’t trust myself. I can usually resist but I think this one is too good to test myself.best,Kathy

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    Another thought: you are sooooooo correct in stating that the type of “soul formation” you described is rarely discussed and/or taught in many churches or small groups. However, I am encouraged to know from following your family (from the east coast – I’m not a stalker!) that you are both bold in the Lord in not only discussing difficult topics, but Biblically teaching on them, too. May the Lord continue to abundantly bless your growing ministry and your growing family!

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    Thanks Paul, that's really interesting and I like the way you've related it to your practical youth work – especially how motivating the bully changed his behaviour!I wonder, if most youth have no idea what they were designed for, is it our role to help them find that motivation and if so, what's the best way of doing that?

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